Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ace of Cakes!

 Tuesday night Gage informed me that he had a science project to complete by Friday.  Sigh....He needed to create a plant cell in 3-D form.  I don't remember ever having cool projects like this when I was in school.  Perhaps then I would have found plant biology more stimulating than human biology.  Just a hunch.  Anyway, we decided to make his 3-D cell out of cake.  So on Wednesday night I baked the actual cake and then we'd shop for the cell parts on Thursday at the Bulk Barn and he could decorate it.  After his soccer game Thursday night (they won 3-0, with Gage giving the other team a shut out), we headed to the Barn and bought all the candy we'd need to decorate this cake. During the process of decorating the cake/cell, Eric thought it would be a wonderful idea to make a 'jelly roll' out of the left over candy tape (cell wall) and the green icing (cell membrane). 
 Gage thought this was a brilliant idea and true to Gage fashion proceeded to eat it with complete decorum and class.  Below you'll see a picture of the completed cell.  With all the parts necessary.  I posted a picture of an actual cross section of a plant cell in one of my previous posts and as you can see, we're awesome cake decorators.  We should have our own TV show. I mean clearly anyone (Buddy of Cake Boss) can have one these days. 
We took his cake into the school on Friday morning and while I was there I noticed most of the other projects that had been submitted.  We had some stellar competition I tell ya!  It was pretty cool to see all the different ideas.  Anywho, Gage got 20/20 or 100% or A+ (whatever way you want to look at it!) on his cell and then they all proceeded to eat devour it.  So all that remains are the fond memories I have of working on it with him, because we really did have a lot of fun doing this together and it was nice to hang out with him for a couple hours and chit chat and photographs.  Sometimes homework isn't too bad at all.

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