Saturday, October 30, 2010

Kittie Kuddles and Kuteness

 Oliver and Kanika are kindred spirits and they love each other so much.  She has a much higher tolerance for him than she does for the others though we know she loves them too. 
 It's only been a year now, but Tabbouleh is FINALLY starting to come out of her shell with all of us, not just Eric.  I find now that she's much, much cuter with a better, sweeter personality.  She's got a little ways to go, but at least she's moving in the right direction.  Or maybe it's because I fed her bacon last night.
And Shakespeare is just the best kitty ever.  He trusts us completely.  He'll sleep anywhere and let us (more importantly Roan) do anything we want to him and he still loves us.  He can sometimes be an asshole to Kanika though, but that's because he knows he'll get a rise out of her.  Typical boy.

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