Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Making the Grade

So tonight, we  I start another school project.  This time for Grade 8 science.  Gage  I have to make a replica of a plant cell.  It can be in any medium but must be 3-D.  So the ideas Gage has come home with thus far is a cake, a jello mold, a shoe box...  I say lets go with the cake.  We can bake a round cake, ice it in whatever colour they draw cells in for text books, add a huge gobstopper on the top of it, off to the side as the nucleus, licorice or something for the filangies (I'm making up names), jelly beans for the mitocondria (whatever, you know what I mean), etc, etc.  But Gage is poo-pooing this idea.  He's also pretty much ruled out the jello idea as well because he's figured out the weight of the gobstopper does not allow it to 'float' in the jello.  So I've told him he has to draw me a detailed picture of a plant cell so I know where we need to begin and what supplies I'll need.  Then tonight, we begin.  Did I mention it's due on Friday and we have soccer tomorrow? I'm gonna kill my kid.  I think I'll push him into the cake idea, so I can bake it tonight and tomorrow he can ice it and decorate it.  When he acted all nonchalant about it I inquired about his grade on his art project I helped him with did.  He casually mentioned he got an A.  I asked if he thought he would have gotten an A with his half-assed first attempt and he said no way.  So maybe he'll come to terms with the fact that mom is always right.  Did I mention I got an A???  Awwww yah!!!

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