Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The importance of impotence.

So today while I was checking through the boys gym bags and ensuring they had their lunches I came across a paper of Gage's writing.  I thought maybe it was a journal entry project or essay or something along those lines.  Nope, none of those.  They were one paragraph repeated over and over again, 12 times.   Lines.  Something about him being mature enough to understand the importance of not speaking out in class as he is an intelligent young man.  Except clearly spelling wasn't a requirement.  We got that he was inta eligant or something like that and he's impotant.  Which then lead me to another thought...

I wish it wasn't morally wrong to basically, temporarily, sterilize my children, unbeknownst to them of course, until they are into their 20's, self sufficient and not living in my house.  I think this should be a right of all parents whether they have sons or daughters.  Gage is getting to an age where he is soon going to be 'experimenting' and I have no reason not to believe that statement about him being impotent is false.  Of course I'd still teach him and preach to him the importance of condoms.  It would just be nice to secretly have that reassurance that he isn't going to come home and tell me he got some girl pregnant when he's 15.  Gah.  I have to be honest, if I had a girl, I'd still be 'on birth control' and each morning she'd have a crushed up pill in her cereal. 

Just my thoughts.  I know it's wrong, but it actually feels like it should be so right.

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