Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween on Gore. ..

 is actually pretty boring.  We only had two trick or treater's...

So on Friday because of the hooplah of Gage's science project I completely forgot to get Roan ready for his Halloween day at school.  He wanted to go as a zombie again but I neglected to get him ready or frankly ask Eric to get him ready like he did last year.  I only remembered after seeing Gage's teacher dressed as an elf when I dropped off his project. Or maybe she actually is an elf.  Either way it helped me remember that I'm a terrible mom.  I called Eric and asked him to quickly make Roan into a zombie on his lunch hour.  However, Roan had made the choice at the last minute to go as a nerd.  I'd wish I'd known prior and I would have completed his ensemble like we did last year for Gage, with a proper name tag, glasses, etc.  He was content with what he had on in the photo so I guess all ended well.

Gage decided he's getting too cool for Halloween proper and all he wanted was three options so he could go T or T'ing in Caleguiro Estates (the hoity toity neighbourhood).  Three masks would allow him to hit the best houses three times.  Clever little shithead I must say.  So while Eric and I were out yesterday we went in search of Halloween masks without the actual costumes.  The pickings were slim to say the very least.  We still aren't sure what the point of this lame mask is...

Tonight Roan returned after an hour because he was freezing.  My dad took him out.  He still raked in a pretty decent score.  He too went to Caleguiro Estates and came home with a couple cans of pop, about 6 real store sized chocolate bars, a candy apple, over a dozen bags of chips and a decent haul of mini candies.  Sa-weet!!  I was craving chocolate too!!  Gage still isn't home but I trust I'll he'll fair well also.

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