Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gobble Gobble.

Why does everything always taste better when someone else cooks it? I mean even if it isn't even good, it's still not that bad.  I love when we're invited to other people's homes to celebrate the holidays.

We hit my parents house for Thankgiving on Sunday.  I always love spiral ham and most importantly my mom's homemade baked beans.  Yum!  So clearly it wasn't this meal that I was speaking about in the first paragraph.  She even made homemade apple pies.  My absolute favourite too.  Dawn and Anita weren't there as they were hoopin it up at Nerdfest (Supernatural Convention) 2010 in Chicago.  Geoff came with Sebastian and Sawyer.  The boys weren't there as they were at Rob's, so overall it was pretty relaxing which was great since I was 'hungover' for the first time in at least 10 years.  I'm still not 100% sure it was a hangover because lately I've been getting car sick even if I drive when I run into stop and go traffic.  But whatever...I was uber tired, groggy, headachey and just overall blah.  Probably not the best company.  I am going to look into those little magnet bracelets that are supposed to help with motion sickness.

Monday, we headed out to pick the boys up and make our way to Welland to Eric's aunt's house for his family dinner.  Chris was working but Lisa came with Felix and well, he's just super-dee-duper!  Dinner was ok.  I'll give a shout out to the broasted potatoes (yup I'm blogging about food) but a thumbs down for the creamy frozen peas and carrots.  Vomit central.  Ten minutes in Roan was declaring his boredom even after not 1/2 prior we begged him to refrain from doing just that.  We basically just spent time with Lisa, Felix and Eric's mama bear.

Following this dinner we headed over a few blocks to my aunt's house to hit dessert at her place.  It was also their 25th wedding anniversary.  We had delicious pumpkin cheesecake then we headed home.  But not before Roan could show off his Teddy Get's T-bagged video to hordes of laughter.

I still can't believe summer is truly over.  I mean it's for real now.  Thanksgiving is in the bag for another year.  Remember when time stood still in our youth?  Some days I long for that...

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