Monday, April 9, 2012

Put Some Clothes on Those Windows!

A couple of weeks ago I got the brilliant inspiration/desire to 'redo' my living curtains.  I've had these curtains for the entire 5 years I've been in this house and for three years at the house prior.  I felt like it was time for a change, but I still loved the material.  I wasn't up to redoing my entire living room because frankly I don't mind it and we have a few other large projects that come first.  I figured I could turn the current panel drapes into something more modern (I suppose) so I started cutting.

And then I lost all interest.  So we lived in a fishbowl house for a couple of weeks while I tried to talk myself into finishing the project I'd stalled out on.  Eric wandered downstairs one night before bed to find this in the living room with the lights glaring, front door unlocked, no curtains for the whole world and even a potential pedophile to see...

So needless to say I got inspired to finish what I had started.  Turns out when I bought my ribbon to tie the blinds, I didn't bother to calculate that I was actually making FIVE blinds instead of only covering the previous four windows.  Live and learn.  I now have tons of lovely ribbon to use on future craft projects!  Bonus!  And since I couldn't use the ribbon, I just made ties out of the same material.  So this entire project cost me NOTHING!!!  Pretty good deal if I do say so myself.

Not too sure how I feel about them but I'm pretty sure they'll look 50% better once Eric builds me a sweet built in window bench.  Do y'all agree?  

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