Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Let 'Em Rip!

To say that Roan is infatuated with Bey Blades would be making an understatement.  He's in complete hyper-focus when it comes to these spinning toys.  I never thought in a million years that his interest would have lasted as long as it has and frankly, there is no end in sight.  He talks about his Bey battles all the time and what blades are the strongest.  He tells me he believes in the spirits of the blades and he believes he is a Leone (leo).  I think I've broken his heart a little by telling him he is not, infact, a Leo but he's so sure he is, I've stopped being a rainy day on his parade.  There are some days where I'm sure he's going to pass out (from not breathing) because he doesn't stop talking about them long enough to take a breath.  BUT, he will sit for hours playing with these things (by himself and with friends) so I really can't complain.  He's pretty much required to use his imagination when he plays with them too as they really are just spinning tops.

 A couple of weeks ago we ventured to Eric's parents for a dinner to celebrate Chris' (Eric's brother) birthday.  The weather was so unremarkable during March that we actually got to BBQ and eat outside.  We suggested to Roan to bring some of his Bey Blades with him to help keep him entertained.  So he did, and what a wonderful surprise when he was able to rope the majority of the party attendants into an arena battle.  I think this particular afternoon gave Roan a glimpse into what his own personal Heaven would be like. 

He gave lessons to the newbies on how important it was to rip the cords fast, the different in the tips, which ones were defensive and which were offensive.  I mean it, this kid's world revolves around these things.  He's just looking for a new person to talk about them with.  Larry wasn't immediately pro so he just out and out cheated, and Felix didn't give two shits. 

Larry and Denis - the newbies

Larry the cheater

Felix not caring at all.

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