Saturday, April 14, 2012

Poor Working Boy

So this morning, Eric, Jon, Ryan and I went for breakfast over to the Egg and I.  Following breakfast while the guys stood outside to smoke I noticed they had a help wanted sign in the window.  Cooks, waitstaff and dishwashers. 

I wandered back inside and ended up correctly speaking to the manager.  I inquired about their means of application, etc.  Of course, I was thinking about a potential job for Gage.  She told me to bring Gage in tomorrow morning to meet her and she'd have him work tomorrow to see if it's something he could handle as it can be a lot of work with only one person. 

The Egg and I is close enough to our house that it wouldn't be an issue for him to ride his bike.  It also wouldn't be a pain for me to drop him at work either (ie. Clifton Hill).  They close at 3 p.m. so no late nights waiting to go pick him up from work and no afterschool shifts to interfere with the abundance of homework he does each night (I really wish there was a rolling the eyes emoticon).  He would work each Saturday and Sunday.  And he'd be out in time to have a nap and still be able to hang with his friends in the evenings. 

So, mama-bear got him the job, let's hope Gagey-bear can hang on to it!