Monday, April 23, 2012

Each cup of tea represents an imaginary voyage.

I'm in the process of creating a working space for me in Eric's office because I'm feeling the desire to tackle a larger scaled craft.  I have some ideas and I've got some materials waiting in the wings for me to get inspired to work on.  I figure with a nice neat and tidy crafting space I shall find that inspiration. 
For now my little craft projects are doing the trick of keeping me busy.

I made another teacup bird feeder.  This one was done with a twist.  I had an old candle sconce that I no longer used, as I'd hung photos up in it's place and didn't really have the proper wall space for it any longer.  I thought with the somewhat flat candle spot on the sconce it would be ideal for a sweet little teacup and saucer.  And I was right it turned out pretty good.  Eric's mom Jill was the recipient of this particular craft.  Funny, she had no idea I had made this for her or that I happened to be bringing it to her on Sunday but she had an entire box of tea cups and saucers waiting for me to take home if I wanted more for crafting.  I did.  So now I'll make some more of the stake bird feeders for my garden at different heights.  And I'll probably give some away too.  I think that's the part I like the most about it away.  The recipients probably aren't as happy about it as I am, but so far they've faked it nicely! 

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  1. I Love the Feeder Holly. I think the idea of a few at different levels is a great idea. Would be great by the pond.
    A huge thanks.