Friday, April 27, 2012

Put a Cork in it, Will Ya???

I stumbled over some corking projects on Pinterest and I thought, hey I can handle that!  So I went out and bought me-self a glue gun!  It's a shitty glue gun but live and learn (since it only cost me 5 bucks, you get what you pay for).  It does the trick, it just makes me work harder to get the hot, lava-like glue out of the gun.  I like to pretend it's toughening up my crafty skin.  And third degree burns are all the rage now right? 

Anywhos, I messaged the two biggest wine-o's I know, Jodi and Margie to inquire if they were corked wine girls or screw top wine girls.  They didn't disappoint the trash magnet in me and responded with the screw top kind of girls.  Thankfully Margie's mom came through in the end.   Probably about two - three hundred corks 'coming through in the end'.  So a cork craftin' this girl went! 

 I made a couple initial cork 'wreath-like' projects.  One for the Jodster (A is for Anderson) and one for the source of the corks, mama Pat (T is for Thompson).  And then I found an old picture frame that Gage had knocked off the wall and I decided to make my friend Gill (another wine-o) a real, genuine cork board for her house.  Now she can properly mix her wine fetish with her role as a mom and pin her children's artwork on it! 
I had to buy the wood letters and the glue sticks so the letter projects cost me around $10 each.  But the cork board for Gill was FREE!!!!  Three projects for a total of twenty bones and I still have the glue gun to show for it and a bunch of unused glue sticks to rendevous with at a later date (or when my burn blisters heal).  Oh and of course about two hundred more corks!  I'm probably being generous in suggesting I used a hundred corks on these three projects.

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