Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pop the Cork

Yesterday was Saturday.  In other words, GARAGE SALE day!  After dropping Gage off at work, Eric and I headed out to check out neighbourhood garage sales.  We made some pretty sweet scores (I'll post about them as they become relevant in my life).  The last garage sale we hit up netted me a pine calendar holder thingy.  No, I don't want to display my calendar in a pine country style frame, but I did envision it being a most amazing cork board.  Remember in my last post I still had about 200 corks left over?  Well here we go people!

So I started with the calendar display and I sanded it all down to smooth out the edges and clean up some of the wear and tear it had endured.  Then I wiped it down to rid the surface of dust.  I added a foam letter "R" to represent the last name of the recipient and a couple foam flowers.  It just seemed to be lacking something and I thought so three additions did the trick.  I then gave it two coats of white gloss paint and allowed that to dry. 

I laid out the corks to ensure they'd fit with ease (which thankfully they did, as cutting corks isn't entirely thrilling).  I then pulled them out once I had a basic pattern thought out and started gluing them into place with my hot glue gun. 

All in all the project took maybe 2 hours start to finish and I did it while watching tv so it went pretty quickly.  I'm finding crafting kind of cathartic.  So double win.  Looking at the finished project I'm positive I could retail that for at least $25-$30.  Rather I, as a consumer, would be willing to pay that (and maybe more) if I'd stumbled across it during the holiday season and I had the right person in mind (as we know, I clearly do!).  The actual pine calendar display thingy cost me $3 and I had the corks, the paint, the glue sticks and the foam letters from prior projects.  So $3.00 and the end result is this:

Sarah seemed genuinely pleased with her crafty gift.  And while I was there she showed me a brilliant Pinterest project she herself had just completed.  One I'll be storing in the back of my mind for my house (Which looked eerily like her house when I drove up to it.  Strange...)!

Anyway, another craft under my belt.  I'm really digging this new hobby of mine.  I've never really had one before so this is extra new to me.

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