Monday, April 23, 2012


Every five years since forever, but more important to me, since I was licensed in my field (cause frankly I really don't give a care who went before it existed to me) we have to converge at a big motel in Toronto and spend two days doing seminars and workshops to maintain our licenses.  In reality it's basically just a class reunion, college style.  The lectures are relatively boring and out of the six I have to sit through I might pick up one or two great tips or ideas.  The rest are just daydreaming fodder.  It's the time spent after the lectures that's the most fun for me.  Hanging out with the people I went to college with.  I only keep in touch with a select few, and that was even before the invention of Facebook.  Now I guess I keep in touch with a few additional people than my original few. 

Tomorrow night, I head to the T dot to take in my last college reunion and probably my last slumber party with Gilly-bean.  The Board of Funeral Services has decided to forgo the annual Post Grad festivities in lieu of wickedly awesome online courses (can you see my eyes rolling?).  Like we don't spend enough time in front of computers (quality time spent blogging about this disappointment).  Ho hum. 

So I'll try to remember to bring my camera, as this will be the last time I will see most of these peeps and I'll try not to black out from the booze.  I actually enjoy going to Post Grad even if I feign disinterest.  That's all for pretend.  Cause the cool kids aren't supposed to dig it.  Ya know?  But I do.  Mainly I like to figure out which of my class mates aren't there and really take in the very few who stayed in the profession after 5 years, 10 years and now 15 years.  And the numbers are getting fewer and fewer. 
So here's to another 5 years behind us and me still looking young and spritely.  (Is spritely a word?) 

True terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your college class is running the country.

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