Friday, November 5, 2010

Today's Society


Yesterday while I was forced to listen to regular radio instead of my usual satellite it was brought to my attention how sad and pathetic our society has become.  During a commercial for "Body English" which is a bar up Toronto way they announced a contest.  Not too sure what the contest involved as I really wasn't listening too hard but I did hear what the prizes would be for the winner of said contest.  A Harley Davidson motorcycle or a Boob Job.  What?  Seriously?  A boob job?  How weird is this?  That's an actual prize. 

I'm kind of disgusted.  I was originally thinking I'd go with the motorcycle if I won (no worries I wont ever go to that bar) but now that I've typed this out I'm leaning toward the boob job but only if I can use it for a boob lift.  Actually now that I've typed that, I'd go with the motorcycle.

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