Friday, November 5, 2010

Kitty Gifts

I have no problem with dead human bodies, nope, none at all.  I do not, however, handle dead rodent bodies well.  Today we took our no name kitty to the vet to get her de-wormed and checked over when we returned home Eric asked me if I'd seen the bloody dead mouse in the other part of our bedroom.  GLADLY I hadn't.  He told me it was a tiny mouse but then came upstairs to inform me it was merely a portion of a mouse.  GROSS.  We suspect Shakespeare was the culprit.  He loves us and we have not been spending a lot of time with him lately because of the new kitty so we assume he was bringing us a present.  Eric takes pictures of everything so here's the trophy, gore and all. 


GROSS to the highest order.


  1. Ugh. My cat used to leave them all on the front porch. Grossed me out completely!

  2. HOLY HELL. That would actually scar me FOR LIFE to see that. I'm feeling pretty darn glad that Jackson is an indoor cat right-about-now.