Friday, November 5, 2010

Kitty Bliss

On Wednesday night after work I took Roan and Eric to the mall because Roan and I wanted A&W and that's the closest one to us.  I swear I'm usually more classy than that. Anywho, after we ate I headed over to Coles for books and Roan and Eric headed over to the little cattery the Humane Society has set up there to pet the kitties.

I headed over there after dropping 90 bucks on new reading material and about a minute after I got there I noticed this beauty laying peacefully on a couch.  I almost immediately fell in love with her.  Kind of like when I found Nika.  I loved her instantly.  Her name is/was Arabell.  I'm not sure what her new name is going to be but I think the consensus is that we're changing it.  Any suggestions?

I mentioned to Eric how glad I was that he was in my life or I'd be that 'old cat lady' in future years.  It makes me less pathetic that way.  I think.  So the minute we brought her home and snuck her upstairs she has acted like she's lived here her entire life.  No weirdness, no needing to get familiarized, nothing.  She's so affectionate and loving.  She's a head butter and when you pet her you can barely feel her because she's sooooo soft.  It's insane.  And I can't even begin to describe her colouring.  I've never seen anything like her, she's so unique.  And I promise, this is it.  I'm way over my limit of kitties permitted in Niagara Falls anyway.  But I'm sure my sanity with 5 cats and all their fur will be tested.  She was just too cute to leave there and I'm so glad we brought her home.  So far she's been briefly introduced to Shakespeare who of course is curious about her, but more than pleasant with her and Tabbouleh who is skeptical.  We're taking her to the vet today and then she will be introduced to the others slowly.

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