Sunday, November 7, 2010

Epcot Escapades

So today we left on our Disney Vacation.  To be precise we pulled out of the driveway around 6:35 a.m. By 6:45 we had pulled away from the mandatory stop at Tim Hortons and hit the highway.  By 6:50 a.m. Roan had spilled his chocolate milk all over himself requiring us to pull over, me to dig out a pair of pants from the suitcase and him to change on the side of the highway.  Typical. 

Got through customs with absolutely no problems or hold ups.  Frankly both my mom and I were quite surprised.  It was a decent follow up to the milk mishap.  Got through security and what not with no problems and hung out watching the planes come and go.  Briefly lost one of our boarding passes which caused a momentary panic attack but soon found it in the front of my book.  Phew.  Roan handled the plane ride like a champ,  He was originally a little afraid but soon realized he very much likes flying.  Of course since the plane was full of kids it should come to no one's surprise that I had the loudest, most cry-eyest (yah I made that up) kid right in front of me.  I did find humour watching him literally kick his mom in the face when she was trying to control him.  Make sure you reward him with a trip to see Mickey!!

Disney picked us up at the airport which was so utterly convenient. I would highly recommend it.  And after about 5 minutes Roan passed out.  Got to the hotel in much better time than we had anticipated only to find out our hotel room was almost a mile walk from the main lobby.  It's a really cool hotel though.  The girl at the main desk however gave us the wrong room number.  She gave us a number that doesn't even exist, so after walking around the not so small hotel for 10 minutes my patience were quite thin.  Got it sorted out though and made our way over to Epcot.  At this point we were starving and short with our patience.  All of us.  Food was our main mission with a mission to Mars to follow. Epcot was packed with people because of the International Food Festival, so that made it even more trying.  But eventually we won the battle.  With food in our bellies our jovial moods returned and off we went.  We shortly thereafter caught up with my friend Jeremy, in Norway,  who works at Disney who joined us for the day. 

Gage bought his first souvenir (a soccer ball because he doesn't have enough already) from Germany.  Roan got some silly bands and I bought my niece and nephew some things.  Jeremy gets 45% off.  He's handy!!  We made our way over to Mission Space which simulates a ride to Mars.  Roan was stoked to put it mildly.  And actually it was quite awesome.  We then sent Eric and my parents video postcards via email of me getting abducted by aliens, Roan taking up residence on Mars and the three of us sending greetings from space.  They have some pretty amazing things here.  We took a boat ride through the Land Pavilion to learn that Disney grows as much of the vegetables they use in the restaurants as they can.  They have some pretty amazing and innovative ideas and techniques.  I thought that was pretty cool of them considering how much food they must go through.  They also farm a lot of their seafood that is served in the restaurants as well.  We didn't get to see everything we wanted but we have the hopper passes so we'll go back for a couple hours one morning to hit those things we missed.  

We had dinner at the Coral Reef in amongst an aquarium.  It was so delicious and the atmosphere was awesome as well.  Gage and I both had raspberry Pina Colada's.  Mine with booze, his without.  I had steak, Gage had huge scallops and Roan had a chicken breast.  Everyone ate everything. And if you know Roan, you know that's pretty amazing in and of itself. Delish!  At this point though we were all so looking forward to getting back to the hotel.  It was freezing here.  Well not as cold as home, but pretty cold for Florida.  Figures.  We lucked out and only had to wait 10 minutes for the shuttle bus to bring us back and I jumped into a hot bath to warm myself up.  

Now Roan is passed out and I'm following closely behind him.  Tomorrow is Hollywood Studios for the day.  I'm excited.  I remember this park from when we came when I was kid.  I loved it.  Hopefully  my memories are correct.   If you want to see the other pictures of today you can get them here.

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