Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's a Magical Day in the Studios!

So I'm going to try to update on day two in Florida.  We'll see how much enthusiasm I have for this as I progress along.  So Day 2 was set aside for Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM).  I remember fond things about this park from when we came with my parents 22/23 years ago (Jesus).  So that being said, I was looking most forward to this particular Disney park.  I wasn't too disappointed.  It's still (in my opinion) the best park.

We started the day with the 3-D Muppets movie.  It was cute.  It worked us in nicely.  Roan really liked it.  I was hoping they would have character meet and greets with some of the Muppets, most notably Janice.  I wanted a picture with her for Eric.  If you've read any of my posts you'll know he thinks she looks exactly like a puppet version of Leah Miller who I have a girl crush on.

About an hour into our day the camera battery conked out on me.  Bummer!  We did the Behind The Scenes "ride" which I remembered with total fondness only to be completely disappointed that the Golden Girls House was no longer part of the tour!  WTF??  Double bummed!  The boys seemed to like it, but I don't think they had as much enthusiasm as I did.  Must have been the lack of all things nostalgic for them.  Anywho, we ventured on through the false front buildings and all three of us were the most impressed.  We took lots of pictures in front of them.  The detailing is extraordinary.  We then headed back over to the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular and it was just about exactly as I remembered it.  Of course the boys really liked it.  It was up their alley.

The boys seemed to be completely fascinated with the gift shops and today we bought a ton of souvenirs.  Roan spent a buttload of his money on silly bands (yup, even more) and some new drum sticks, an art book, some wooden guns (outside of the Indiana Jones) that remind him of a couple of guns in Call of Duty and he made his own Light Sabre at the Star Wars shop.  Gage was more frugal with his funds and only bought a couple of the wooden guns and made his own Light Sabre as well.  I bought myself a Sleeping Beauty night shirt, and a couple other things for Sawyer and Sebastian to go with the shirts I got them on Saturday.  Their souvenirs are done.

We headed over to Tower of Terror and The Rock 'n Rollercoaster part of the park after shopping.  I cannot begin to give the Tower of Terror any justice at all, but it was NOTHING like I expected.  I knew full well it was a Drop Zone type ride where you go up 13 stories and then you free fall (sort of).  Well it had that but it had other elements that made it a so much better ride.  The interior of the 'hotel' is nothing like I've every seen, it was creepy and beautiful.  The pictures I took do it no justice either.  If you ever get to Disney, do yourself a favour and do this ride.  After the Tower of Terror we ventured over to the rollercoaster.  Thankfully we've not hit one ride that Roan cannot go on.  Another thankfully is not being able to see the coaster before hand or I truly think Roan would have bailed.  Needless to say he went on it.  It was probably the BEST coaster I've been on and I've been on a lot.  It had loops, corkscrews and amazing speed all in the dark with black lights and strobe lights.  It was so fast all the moisture was pushed out of our eyes.  I was worried Roan was crying or hating it but when we finished and I asked if he was still in his seat, he screamed, THAT WAS AMAZING!!  I guess he liked it.

We did a few other rides that we stumbled across while we were waiting for the line up for Toy Story 3-D to shorten which were pretty decent as well.  We stopped for ice cream after the rides and it made my tummy hurt hard core.  I felt like crappola, so we canceled our dinner reservations at the Sci-Fi Diner (sadly) and headed back to the hotel so I could lay down.  It was crazy cold and we were all exhausted so there were no complaints from Gage or Roan.  The boys ventured out to play with their light sabres in the gardens below our room and I took a crazy hot bath and crawled into bed for an hour before heading over to the restaurant in our hotel for some nachos.  Pictures posted here.

Disney is crazy awesome for people watching. I saw a disgusting fat man with his two disgusting fat children who were terribly behaved and he had zero control over them.  And he was trying so hard....but he just sounded like such a dick.  And he had a sweet Taz tattoo on his forearm and sugar tits that I got to stare at for 20 minutes while we waited for the Tower of Terror.  You know those kids are bad when even Roan comments and says he wanted to punch them in the face.   

Day three?  Animal Kingdom.

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