Tuesday, November 16, 2010


So yesterday I reactivated our membership at the "Y".  I had every intention of doing it once my vacation was completed, so I stuck to my guns. 

Two years ago when I first started going to the "Y" I was at the heaviest I've ever been (excluding pregnancy) at 152 lbs.  Now thankfully I'm 5'8" so I can carry that weight without it being too obvious.  Needless to say seeing that number on the scale was the kick in the ass I needed to join the gym.  After 4 months of, at least, 4 classes a week I was down to 123-125 lbs.  While I know this is slightly underweight for my height, this was a weight I was completely content with.  I would have been fine at 130.  Point is, I didn't want to go any lower than 125 lbs so I cut back my schedule to three classes a week to try to maintain.  And I succeeded quite nicely.  This was the first time since I was 20 years old that I actually liked my body.  I didn't have anything to nitpick about.  I was happy with it.  I willingly wore a bikini, shorts weren't too scary for me anymore and I got new clothes. 

Fast forward to about a year ago, maybe more....I found myself quite comfortable in a  new relationship (still am) so I slacked a little in the gym department because it cut into my time hanging out with Eric.  It's funny too because he was in great shape when we hooked up as well.  He enjoyed daily jogs, riding his bike, hiking, etc.  Just overall keeping busy.  Well now we are both feeling the weight gain (I'm not quite back to the 152 mark, but only about 4-5 lbs shy of it)  and have made the conscious decision to try to tackle it so we feel better about ourselves again. 

Monday was our first day back.  I've decided to stick to what I know works because we tried the gym for a couple months in the spring, just using the machines and what not and I'm clearly not that disciplined.  Classes work for me.  It's a set amount of continuous time, I've got pressure on me to keep going (because 50 year old woman are doing it, so I should be able to), and the instructors do a mix of all different types of excersises to focus on all areas of the body. 

So again, I'll aim (during a good week) to get there 3-4 times.  Monday is Body Sculp (which I love), Tuesday is BoxFit (another favourite), Wednesday is Athletic Hour (Yeah!) and Thursday is Zumba (I've not tried it yet).  I won't always be successful with Thursday's also being soccer night for Gage, but I'd really like to fit into my size 7's again so I'll do my best.

While I hate the work out itself (I'm not gonna lie), it makes me so happy to see my face still flushed an hour after a workout and to smell like a dude.  Let's get sweatin'!!!

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  1. I have to talk myself into going each night. And I come really close to not succeeding. But I liked the results last time, so I'll keep that in the front of my mind...ho hum.