Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I have some terrible news.

Not the best sentence to hear when you answer the phone.  This was what I heard when I picked up the phone this morning from my ex husband.  Ugh.  Now what?  He (I'm sure with much pain and embarrassment) told me that he was fired.  Not laid off which we have expected from time to time, but fired.  Uh, what?  How does this concern me you might ask as I mentioned my ex husband?  Well it concerns my child support payments for our two boys.  Or rather the ceasing of said child support payments for our two boys. 

Now thankfully I have my own salary and I make a fairly decent living, but I've come to expect the extra $150 dollars a week that I got on a regular basis from him.  So sadly I'm going to have to curtail some of the extra curricular activities I currently am able to afford.  This does not make Holly a happy camper.  It also pisses me off a little that I'm in anyway dependant on him for money of any kind.  I know I'll be fine and I should have more empathy for him and his wife with the lack of a major salary in their household, but right now I'm focusing on me. 

My only hope is that after 18 + years at this company and constantly paying his Union dues that his Union will be able to get him his job back.  The reason for the dismissal, in my opinion, is kind of lame and I think they are grasping.  So for that alone, I suspect he'll be able to get it back.  BUT, in the meantime this monthly shortage is going to suck.  And I'm going to have to eat at home a lot more now which means I'm going to have to cook.  Double Ugh.  I guess I'm going to have to hone these skills.

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  1. haha look on the bright side- you may become a great chef!