Saturday, May 5, 2012

Scared Mom, Oblivious Child

Last night Roan asked me if he could go for a 'hike' with the neighbour girls this afternoon.  I asked him where he was planning to go (thank god) and at what time he was leaving, etc.  Got the details because I wasn't too sure I was comfortable with it but since he was going with a few others I figured to give him a chance. 

Today, around noon Eric, Ryan and I headed out for breakfast as Roan was getting ready for his hike and picnic.  Around 6 p.m. there was still no sign of Roan, so I started to panic worry.  I was dreading the worst (of course, it's what I do best).  Envisioning him falling down a hill/cliff and hurting himself with no means of contacting me, getting hit by a train as there are train tracks near the sand pits where he was intending to know, all good stuff.  I swung by the neighbour girl's house to have her mother pull in with her car right behind me.  She had just been out looking for them and came up empty handed.  Not an overly great feeling when I was already panicking worrying.  So I raced home to get Eric, Ryan and Gage (as Gage was the only one of us who could get us directly to the sand pits) and assembled my search party. 

After walking around the paths we came across an amazing hidden gem in my neighbourhood.  There is a pretty spectacular area covered in sand consisting of paths, hills, bends, jumps, etc for dirt bikes and 4-wheelers, bmx, etc.  Not sure if it was intentionally put there or if that community has just created it themselves, but either way it was pretty awe inspiring.  After walking around for a while we finally found the gruesome foursome atop a hill.  Ten minutes later we emerged upon them to find them knee deep in a disgusting mud bog and completely covered (head to toe) in mud.  The idea of shoving the four of them in the car and dragging their asses home quickly escaped my head.  I wish I'd taken a picture but alas I didn't think to bring my camera on my search mission.  Not sure which picture would be more humourous.  The one of Roan and his cronies standing their drenched in water and mud being typical kids or my face when I realized he never bothered to change out of his pyjamas before leaving on his all day journey.

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