Friday, May 25, 2012

Moves Like Jagger

I've heard a rumour that the grocery store is an ideal location to meet new people when you're single (or I guess even when you're not as they wouldn't actually know if you were single right?).  Now I was single for a long time, like 7 years long, and not once did I ever meet anyone, let alone a potential mate, at the grocery store.  I do however, remember seeing an aquaintance there and whilst walking the aisles I was imaging hooking up with him but when I turned the next corner and there he was standing with a girl that was clearly more than a friend.  Fantasy kibashed.  As it would so happen, that was probably a good thing as he's turned out to be kind of a loser with criminal charges pending against him.  Anywho back to my train of thought...

So in the past I've not been so lucky in love or lust at the grocery store.  Until tonight.  Tonight I was hit on by a gaggle of boys at the Sobeys.  One of them was actually insanely hot.  I'm pretty sure he was at least legal.  I'm not so sure the others were.  And I'm quite sure they weren't mockingly hitting on me either.  Actually I'm very confident about that.  They were finding every reason to stay in whatever aisle I was in.  Which I was thought was funny and adorable all at the same time.  Then the hot one mustered up the courage to talk to me and compliment me.  *swoon*

I would have eaten him alive.  I would have fucking destroyed the whole lot of them.  I'm that awesome.

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  1. RRRRAAAAAAAARRRRRR!! Super hot story, thanks for the visual;)