Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer Lovin'

It's too funny or strange or whatever but I was driving home today thinking that it's that time again.  It's summer list time and then low and behold and I'm reading my sister in law's blog and she's just posted hers as well.  So great minds think alike. 

So here she be.  My list that is, not Anita.  Anita isn't on my blog, she's a human being who doesn't even live in this house let alone in my computer. 

1.  Go camping
2.  Go to a concert
3.  Continue to eat less meat in my diet
4.  Spend enough time out in the sun for all my freckles to emerge
5.  Start redecorating Gage's old room so it transforms into a den
6.  Start building Gage's new room
7.  Continue crafting
8.  Find 10 new recipients of my crafts that I haven't given anything to  (5)
9.  Craft something and keep it for myself
10.  Garage Sailing
11.  Weed, trim and plant flowers in my garden
12.  Re-upholster a couch
13.  Take lots of pictures
14.  Go dancing with my ladies
15.  Make an effort to spend time with old friends
16.  Drink beers on a patio
17.  Finish my 'girlies' tattoo
18.  Roadtrip
19.  Buy fruits and veggies from a roadside stand
20.  Find and make new recipes
21.  Re-shingle my roof
22.  Have a bonfire
23.  Go for a hike
24.  Take evening walks in the neighbourhood and look through people's windows
25.  Spend time with family
26.  Play Scrabble like on an actual board, not the computer
27.  Play Cribbage
28.  Bring people flowers
29.  Spend an afternoon paying it forward
30.  Go to an amusement park.
31.  Finish Gage's new room so we can start the new rec room
32.  Sleep outside one night on the trampoline (douse self in bug repellant first though)

That's a start.  I may add to the list as I think of stuff I'd like to do while the nicer weather is here.  Having the list last year was really quite a great idea.  It kept me focused and always gave me ideas of things to do when I had spare time.  Embrace life is a good motto but sometimes a list helps us keep the hold.

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