Sunday, May 20, 2012

Taking a Bite Out of the Big Apple

Skyline view from Empire State Building

So my NY trip has come and gone.  It was a four day weekend I was really looking forward to.  Spending some time creating memories with my mom and sister but most importantly, Gage.   Unfortunately Gage came down with the flu two days before we were to board the plane.  We hoped and prayed that he'd be on the mend by the time we got there, but luck was not on our side.  The poor kid was sick the entire trip only starting to truly feel better on the day we left. 

Gage and Grandma hanging out in Central Park

I've said it before and I'll continue to say it, I'm sure, NYC is quite possibly my most favourite city ever.  I could spend tons of time there and I secretly long to one day have an apartment in Manhatten (though we all know that will never happen).  I was truly bummed that Gage wasn't enjoying it as much as I know he would had he been on his A-game.   I have no doubt that I'll take him back again so that he truly gets the full experience. 

A different view of the skyline from the Empire State Building

We were able to take advantage of that window of time following a vomit session and cram him full of Tylonel and Gravol and see some of the sights before he got drained and tired.  We did some tours of Central Park and the city.  We did some shopping.  We saw some tourist sights.  We fought the crowds.  We ended up with tired tootsies and lots of blisters.  We ate food (though I saved a ton not having to buy Gage full meals, so there's my silver lining!).  I showed Gage how to hustled and barter with the street vendors (Awkward!  As he says.  Fun!   As I say.)  The weather was perfect.  And he came home with some souveniers and new clothes, so he seemed content enough.  But most importantly he got to watch some street performers doing break dancing in Central Park which he seemed to love and he got some bling bling from a street huster in China Town which was at the top of his to do list from the moment we booked the trip.

Me and Gage in Central Park

We had a situation following the airport after returning home that put even more of a damper on the trip but more about that later.  I didn't take many photos because the last thing the kid wanted was a camera shoved into his face and since I'd already been and have pictures of most of the places we went I didn't bother to take many more than what's posted here. 

Trying on a size 20 shoe

So even though he wasn't feeling 100% I think we still had an overall good time and I'm grateful to have the memories with my mom, my sister and my son (even if some of those said memories are of me wanting to choke him).  D'aw, I wuv that kid.

The Freedom Tower (replacing the Twin Towers)


Mom in Central Park

A sick boy and his Shirley Temple

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