Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Brief Affair

Turns out over the past month I've discovered (though not really discovered as someone actually took me to each location, but I digress) two hidden gems in our corner of the world.  First the sand pits where, if you'll remember, we found Roan caked in mud still in his pj's and second Decew Falls, where Eric took Roan and I for a hike a couple weekends ago. 

Turns out Decew Falls to Wellanders was like the Gorge was/is to us Niagara Falls folks.  The go-to place for teenagers for trespassing, bonfires and underage drinking.  But to an adult (yup, me) it was pretty neat, quite beautiful and painfully daunting.  I was totally up for a nice hike with Eric and Roan on a hot Saturday (or maybe it was Sunday, who can remember these things?) in May.  What I got was rock climbing, rapelling and walking logs across bodies of water.  Wha-what??  More than this lazy girl bargained for that's for sure! 

When we got there we first took a little tour of the mill that's on-sight and still working.  They have volunteers who give their time to entertain us with some historical facts.  Then we took a tour of the re-furbished Laura Secord homestead that's on the property as well.  Now that, I loved.  It was a beautiful old home and I'd kill to live in it.  After those tours we made our trek to the part of the cliff, yup you read that right, that was the easiest to get down.  I use the word easiest quite loosely.  When 'they' have to put ropes to hang on to while you descend down the wall, maybe you shouldn't actually be doing it!  All the visible dried blood on the way down sure didn't help matters either.  Needless to say, once we got down the 85 degree incline the actual hike was pretty decent.  There's a beautiful waterfall near the mill that we hiked over to and we were actually able to walk right behind it.  There is an old cave/mine-like entrance where some of the old rails are still intact en route to the falls as well.  They have them gated off so you can't go too far in, but it's still impressive.  After scouting out those two locations we trekked along the creek before taking on the dreaded task of scaling the wall back up to civilization.  I seriously felt like I was walking on a 90 degree angle up the side of the cliff using tree roots and branches to brace me from falling.  For once in my life I was worried more about me than I was for my 11 year old.  He scaled it like no one's business and waited patiently for me to drag my old, tired ass up.  In the process of clinging and climbing for my life I totally took a tree branch in the face.  It hurt like a bitch and almost sent me plummeting to my death.  It made me fully appreciate that Sonny Bono didn't stand a chance though.  The goose egg is STILL  on my forehead.  I think I made Eric feel bad enough that the odds of him asking me to join those two again on a hike at Decew are slim and none. 
Behind the waterfall.

Probably not a bad thing.  Besides, I have pictures and a scar to remind me of that wonderful, adventurous afternoon.

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