Monday, May 21, 2012

Death on a Concrete Floor

Getting a phone call from a strange number and answering to hear your boyfriend on the other end when he should be at work can be a little disheartening.  Hearing him tell you he's been taken by ambulance to the hospital because he passed out while working also doesn't sit too well.  Neither does being told they discovered something alarming was happening with his heart and he needed to stay longer for an EKG. 

This all happened to me on Wednesday night.  Eric called to let me know he'd been rushed to the hospital from work and he wasn't sure what happened or how long they were going to be keeping him, and they found something messed up with his heart and yadda yadda yadda.  They ran a bunch of tests and he goes back to see the doctor on Tuesday to hopefully get some results. 

Not knowing what's happening to you can be a little nerve wracking.  They are thinking perhaps he was skating on the cusp of the flu and was exhausted and tired (I did tell him to stay home that night because he'd been feeling so lousy, but noooo...) resulted in his light-headedness and the feeling on fainting.  Then when his body siezed up and he couldn't move anything and he was hallucinating they figure that was an improper balance of gases in his system.  Too little oxygen, too much carbon dioxide as a result of his erratic breathing.  After about 45 minutes he was able to move his limbs again and started to calm down.  He was released around 10 p.m. and even then he still contemplated going back to finish his shift.  Trooper I tell ya (or idiot). 

The next day he went for more bloodwork and another EKG and he has to go back to get the results tomorrow but for now he's been off until those answers come in (though we all know how easily answers come don't we??).  He said this was genuinely the first time he actually thought he was dying and during those thoughts he didn't think of me (the love of his life) he thought about what a raw deal he was getting by dying on the floor of John Deere with  a bunch of people he doesn't really care for hovering around him instead of the send off my dad got (surrounded by those that were most important to him).  He's decided that's the way he wants to go now too.  Don't we all?   And in true Eric fashion this whole experience couldn't go by without a photo op. 

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