Monday, December 27, 2010

Xbox Beauties

For the past year, maybe less, I've decided to be a good girlfriend and take up one of Eric's interests-video games.  Most importantly first person shooter games.  I tried to be my typical stubborn self and buck the system, but finally I caved.  It was important to him.  So now, I'm a COD whore.  I like shooting other dudes/zombies.  I love always having the most head shots.

So recently Eric decided to get a Family Plan Xbox Live account so I'd be able to log in and have my own user name and no longer just be an entity of him-Johny Cobra Guest.  So my gamer tag is MissyAggrav8ion and I got to play around and create my own avatar.  Which I think, frankly, is a pretty amazing replica of the real me!  Eric's didn't look anything close to him so I made him change it.  Of course they don't give you the option of big ears, so I think in real life Eric should shrink his down.... But it's still pretty close to what he would look like without stretched ears.  We're such a cute computer generated couple don't ya think???

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