Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Ho Ho!

My Grandma and I have an interesting relationship...In my eyes, she's not a warm, fuzzy grandma.  I do have some fond memories of her over the years, but I also have some not so fond memories.  Our personalities clashed throughout my life and sometimes I harbour resentment towards her.  However that being said, she's still my grandma and regardless if I agree or disagree (usually the latter) with her train of thought or behaviours I do love her. 

Two weekends ago I drove 4 hours to attend her 90th birthday party with both kids in tow, much to my chagrin. I'll admit I did try to get out of it seeing as I had to make that trip again the following weekend for a wedding.  My mom was successful in guilting me into going and rightfully so.  When I got there on the Friday all I wanted to do was go visit my Uncle Larry in the hospital, but nope, I went with my mom and aunt to prepare food for this soiree for 5 hours.  Yup, fun to the extreme!  Then the following day we loaded up vehicles, mine included and made the 45 minute trek to the party to help set up chairs, tables, food, etc.  And you know what?  She totally appreciated it.  The boys and I even stopped to see her following the party before we left town.  All was well. 

On Monday I got the following Christmas card from her.  I found humour yet pain in it.  No not really.  I just rolled my eyes and laughed.  She is 90 after all.  I just love how even if she means to or not, she puts me right back in the place she usually holds just for me, the back of her mind. 

Dear Holly & Sons (she usually writes their names)
Love Aunt Eva (she's been my grandma for 36+ years)
I know I saw you recently but thought I'd send anyway. (oh you shouldn't have)

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