Friday, December 17, 2010


Last night while Roan was having a bath, I sat in there with him and we read stories.  Well actually he read stories to me.  His reading is so much more fluent now.  He doesn't seem to just be reading words anymore but actual sentences.  Reading is extremely important to me.  It's a time when I can get lost somewhere other than my own head.  I really wish my children had the passion for reading that I have (and had as a child/teenager). 

I've been a reader my whole life (from what I can remember anyway).  Both my mother and father encouraged it, and are active readers themselves.  I learned pretty quickly that there was something magical in books and stories.  The words in a book could conjure up fantastic worlds in my mind.  They could take me to places I'd never been or will maybe never get to visit.  I've figured out that I picked up most of what I know about grammar and spelling from the books I read and not so much from the actual classes and lessons I was supposed to learn them from. 

Reading has taught me that maybe I'll never hunt another human being through a jungle, or become part of my psychiatrist's family or be a UFC fighter, but I don't have to...  The world is a mighty big place, I can't expect to do or be everything.  Life is bigger than any one person.  But, when I read about other people's lives and I read their stories, I can actually catch a glimpse of a world much bigger than my own.  I have been blessed to do some traveling in my life but I know if I read great stories I'll eventually get to see the entire world.

It's also taken me 36 years to realize and understand that I can find the world in my own story too.  I just have to keep my eyes open.  And through my blog, I can tell my story for other's to read.  Maybe one day, my kids!  They'll have a better idea of who their mother is and was as she trekked through life.  

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