Friday, December 17, 2010


This weekend I'm heading back down to the Windsor area for a wedding reception for two friends, Syx and Taryn.  This party should be much more lively than the party of last weekend.  Josh, Chantale, Orbax and Eric will be joining me for some heavy drinking and good times. 

The wedding was held this past summer in Vancouver and while both Eric and I really wanted to use it as an excuse to head out west for a visit, we just couldn't financially swing it with Disney and all so close behind it.  Since Syx is from Ontario they thought it condusive to have a reception back here as well for those of us who were too poor to make the trip in August. 

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I'm looking forward to a great night with friends, food, booze and a cheap motel.  I've got the camera battery charging and my dancing shoes all polished up.

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