Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas with the Cobra Clan

So on Christmas Eve we began our weekend of chaos & meals cooked by other people and headed over to Eric's parents for our gift exchange and dinner.  We kept it simple and ordered pizza, much to Eric's delight.  It felt weird for me not to have Chinese food on Christmas Eve, but maybe we'll do something like that for New Years Eve....  While we waited for Chris, Lisa and Felix we watched Christmas Vacation (always a crowd pleaser) and ate h'ordeurves (I know I didn't spell that right, back off!).

After dinner we did our gift exchange.  I was so glad Larry loved his car stuff and book.  I was worried it wasn't too personal (I spend clearly too much time making sure someone's gift is about them for me that's the fun part of Christmas shopping) but he was clearly excited about it, asking me to smell the car wax we got him because it reminded him of summer, which I thought was uber cute.  Jill thought we spent too much, but I disagree.  I know hers wasn't too personal of a gift but it was all stuff she wanted, so I guess she was happy.  She likes cinnamon and gingerbread, I did manage to hear that part, so I guess I did good!  Chris and Lisa seemed to love their gifts as well.  Chris was harder to buy for than I had originally thought, but with some help from Lisa, we got the job done.  Lisa unknowingly helped me select a gift for her as well earlier this year by posting a link on Facebook to a handmade bracelet she loved.  So I clicked and it was hers.   A couple of weeks ago I came across a Doctor Who cookie jar and as an afterthought picked it up for the two fans.  They completely dug it, which I was totally happy about.  Felix didn't give a shit about anything we got him, slept through the whole thing, little ingrate.  :)  But I know his parents liked it, so that's all that mattered.  I very much enjoy watching people open the gifts I put a lot of effort into and it's so much more enjoyable when they genuinely like them.  So Christmas success!!

Eric and I  The boys got new Xbox controllers in their loot, so we they were happy about that!  And we got some moolah to put towards our new flat screen TV that's sitting promptly in our radar. 

For some reason, no one took any pictures of Eric.  We clearly need to try harder next year.

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