Saturday, December 25, 2010

My boyfriend is a model!

Last weekend after the wedding, Syx and Taryn decided to venture up to the Falls for a sort of 'honeymoon' night at the Hilton.  The following night we were all supposed to make the trek to Hamilton to go to the Kicking the Christ out of Kristmas Klopeks show.  Unfortunately Mother Nature had other plans and she decided to shit  snow all over our parade.  Syx and Taryn thought it best not to try to venture onward to Leamington and they stayed here for the night. 

Syx is a photographer and so the following morning while I was at work they did a makeshift modeling session.  And while I know it would be tres awkward I'm kind of jealous I wasn't here.  While I don't think I'd enjoy the actual process of getting my photograph taken, it would be nice to have some pretty cool pictures taken by someone with a whole lot of talent.  Eric said he felt weird and silly but I think the pictures turned out really decent.  He's a picky pants, but I like them.  Too bad they were taken in his messy office.

I'm not sure which one I like best, but I think all three turned out nice.  My boyfriend, the model!!

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