Monday, December 27, 2010

Jesus' Birthday!

After writing this blog title, it's become apparent to me that I'm bummed that we didn't have any birthday cake.  Kind of put out by it now that I've given it some thought.  Anywho, I'll get over it.  Onto Christmas day.

Our day began, quite surprisingly, at 7:20 a.m. when Roan came upstairs to wake corral us.  I asked him what time he got up at and he informed me that he'd been awake since 6:30 a.m reading his space book.  In my sleepy haze I told him he wasn't supposed to be into his Santa stuff without getting us up first and then realized, oops, how would I know that Santa brought him a new Space book???  So I quickly tried to recover with uh, what book Roan, the one Jill and Larry got for you?  So far, he hasn't clue in to my goof up. 

We woke Gage up and made our way into the living room to watch them open their stockings.  Roan's from Santa, Gage's from the Christmas Dragon as he's 13 now and doesn't believe in Santa anymore.  We then broke into the presents for the boys that were from Eric and myself.  After a flurry of paper and 10 minutes, all the hype was over for another year.  So overrated.  Gage walked away with an entirely new wardrobe of skateboard clothes (which he wanted), a couple of collectible toys from video games which he loved and some Xbox shit he requested.  He was content.  Roan scored a bunch of Halo toys, Legos, a ton of art supplies, and some cool Space stuff, though he was quite put out when I told him the presents had run dry.  Overall though, I think he was quite happy with his stash.

A couple hours later we were rounding up the boys, heading to drop them at their dad's for the day and night and make our way back into Welland for Christmas lunch with Eric's parents and extended family.  Have I mentioned how much more I love food when someone else cooks it for me?  I think I probably have, but let me reiterate.  I LOVE WHEN OTHER PEOPLE COOK ME FOOD.  Eating in restaurants is probably my biggest vice...I'm aware of this.

That's Eric and Muma Cobra, Jill

And this one is us.

After dinner Eric's family has a tradition of having Christmas pudding with custard on it.  They soak it in booze then light it on fire.  All it made me want was Saganaki.  It's grossness all around.  There should never be chewy fruit in cake.  Yuck.  Anyway, I ate about 8 pounds of rice krispy squares, much to my satisfaction while they all got drunk on cake.  Larry is a huge fan of the custard portion of this delicacy and at one point I thought for sure he was going to lick the bowl after he scraped it clean. I had the camera ready, but he disappointed me.  Maybe he caught me with the camera, ready to capture it for eternity and refrained.  I know he secretly wanted to lick the bowl though.

After dessert, Eric and I had to quickly part ways.  But not before jumping on his Uncle Denis' lap while he was dressed like Santa and getting a festive photo op!  And then we came home and I napped.  Nothing better than a tummy of turkey and a nap on Christmas day in a quiet house. 

Thank you for being born baby Jesus, even if you never asked to be born!! 

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