Monday, December 3, 2012

Who Ya Gonna Call?

This past Saturday night I (and one of my co-workers) had the opportunity to participate in a Ghost Hunt inside the four walls of the place I work everyday (minus two days because this is Canada and we have rights) - the funeral home. 

It's been said for years that our building is haunted and if you believe in that sort of thing it kind of makes sense.  I mean, the original building was erected in the 1870's, so there is some history there.  Over time there have been many claimed sightings throughout the building.  A friend of mine is a member of the Paranormal Society of Niagara so we were able to work out a mutually convenient time for their squad of ghost busters to take a very detailed tour of the funeral home with the hopes of uncovering something interesting. 

There is no way I'm going to do the instruments, equipment and tools they used, any justice in my explanation, but they basically try to prove that ghosts exist using science and scientific evidence.  They measured the EMF(?)...EFI(?)... oh man, I feel like it was the name of that pathetic group from the 90's or something like that.  Anywho's, they took base readings of that acronym in each room before the hunt started.  They had some Doppler thingamajig (I'm just making that up, I have no idea what it was) that picked up words in the atmosphere (don't ask me how it worked or challenge me on it, because I have no clue) which was pretty cool, in my opinion.  They had another instrument that measured vibrations or touch.  They took pictures.  And then they had some thing like a static box and they used it as an avenue for the ghosts to talk to us.  It was pretty random at times but I'm not gonna lie something came out of that box that definitely made me sit up straight and pay attention.  There was a couple other things throughout the night that made me go "Hmmmm.", but I'm hoping there are more things we didn't see or hear that also happened.  They have told us it will take about 40 hours for them to go through all the film/footage and tapes of our little jaunt through the funeral home and they'll let us know either way if there is anything strange and out of the ordinary on the recordings.  I'm really hoping there are voices on there that we couldn't hear with our own ears.  How exciting would that be???  I'm trying not to put too much stock in it with the hopes that I'll be pleasantly surprised when they're finished. 
I so badly want to believe in spirits and ghosts and hope if they are proven to be real then the opportunity exists that I might get another chance to have a conversation of sorts with my dad.  I know, I know I'm starting to sound like a freak, but a girl can hang on to some shred of hope right?  So I'll keep you posted on the findings, good or bad.   It's been a strange couple of days there since we did it.  Who knows, maybe we've stirred things up a bit. 


  1. Cool!! I totally understand.

  2. We can always have a psychic party with Gordon. Let me know and we can set it up for the new year. He can help you speak to your Dad. I'm up for it too so he'll have a busy night!

    Aunt Laurie