Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hidden Gem

Every single time (without a hint of exaggeration) that we take Dempsey over to the dog park we are questioned on what kind of breed he is.  We were told by the SPCA that they suspected a mix of Greyhound, Pit Bull and Sheppard.  And I can honestly see characteristics and traits of all three.  However there have been a few people on separate occasions who have challenged our response.  They are insistent that our sweet Dempsey is in fact an Egyptian Pharaoh Hound.  So Eric took it upon himself to do a little research into the appearance of these hounds and well I'll be dipped, we're pretty sure our buddy boy is one of these things.  Well, at least a cross of some sort. 

Upon seeing all these familiar pictures I then researched this breed of dog to see if he matches up with more than just appearances.  And man, does he!  He hits every single personality trait possible. So I'm pretty sure he's a cross with one of these expensive pups (average about 3-5 grand to buy a pure bred puppy) and I'd say we got ourselves a sweet deal with our hundred dollar shelter rescue.  Kijiji and garage sales, look out!  I even do well adopting live stock. 

Too bad we didn't know or realize what kind of dog he was before we named him otherwise we'd have named him Perry Pharaoh.  Heh-heh-heh get it?  Perry Farrell whom I adore of Jane's Addiction?  Hmm, eh, nothing eh?  Nevermind. 

Pure Bred, though he looks just like Dempsey without the brindle colouring.

Our version



  1. He sure does look like he could be part Pharoh. But that purebred looks like you Mom's dog with a different head! It would be interesting to find out what Dempsey is crossed with. If only dog owners would keep track of what their dog is mating with! Jeesh!

    Aunt Laurie

  2. Ya Dempsey and Flynn have very similar builds, Flynn is just bigger and has more muscle mass.