Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Who Doesn't Love A Cupcake?

I've been struggling like no one's business to find some semblance of Christmas spirit this year.  It's been hard and I can't find a true reason why I'm feeling this way.  Roan had been bugging me for a couple weeks to put our Christmas tree up but I was really dragging my heels.  There is not much more I hate than stringing those darn Christmas lights.  But this past summer I scored a pre-lit 7' artificial tree at a garage sale for 10 bucks.  And, up until a week ago I had been under the silly notion that my $30 60" Sony flat screen was my most awesomest garage sale score of all time.  I would be remissed if I didn't mention that this pre-lit tree was now right up there tied for first.  I swear I heard the choirs singing the minute I plugged that cord in and it was all lit up!  Total preparation time until ornaments could be placed? Ten minutes.  And that included digging it out of the basement! 

Any way, back to the purpose of this post.  I decided a couple weeks ago (Sorry, I'm slow on the uptake here) since Eric was working that I'd do some crafting.  It's been a while since I've done anything in that department.  I was feeling the itch again.  This time I decided to make ornaments for the Christmas tree (well mainly just one, I'm gave the other 11 away).  So off I went to Michaels to pick up the supplies I didn't already have on hand.  And since I had a great coupon and a few straggler gift certificates in the bottom of my purse with small amounts left on them, this entire project cost me nothing!  The best kind.   So when I got home I got down to the task at hand and began making cupcakes.  Cupcake ornaments.

So here is the supply list you'd need if you wanted to replicate these.  By the way they were super easy and took me maybe 3-5 minutes for each cupcake.  I might even be exaggerating with the time.

sponge brush or paint brush
1 inch ribbon (I chose brown for chocolate cake)
hot glue gun
glue sticks (that should be obvious, but I never want to assume)
sparkles for the icing (I chose blue and pink, you can choose whatever)
Wired holly berry decorations (for cherries of course!)
Cupcake liners
Christmas ornament balls (I used clear ones from Michaels)

So first I glued two liners together so they were thicker/stiffer.  I set those aside.  Then I removed the top off ornaments and set it aside.  I then put a trail of glue around the centre of the ornament and attached the ribbon.  I made cuts around the bottom of the ribbon, applied some more glue to the bottom of the ornament and folded the ribbon around the bottom.  Then I glued the ornament using hot glue to the cupcake liner and applied pressure with my hand.

I had two plastic shallow dishes for my sparkles all ready to go.  I applied a thin coating of Mod-podge to the exposed ornament and dropped sparkles on the glued area, taking time to shake off the excess as I worked.  Be prepared, your work area will look like a fairy shit all over it.  Once it was completely covered in sparkles I reattached the hook top.

I then cut a wired holly berry (now a cherry!) to appropriate length and hot glued it to the front of the hook holder (to help camouflage it).   Et voila!  A cupcake ornament.

I ended up with four blue, four pink and four blue/pink combination.  I think they turned out pretty neat!  There it is up there on our tree.  For a brief moment that particular weekend I was into the Christmas spirit.  I'm pretty sure I was over it by Monday.   

Merry Christmas my lovelies!!!  Much love and best wishes for a wonderful holiday with those who are most important to you and an awesome new year coming your way.  


  1. I like tutorials like this one! I never seen anyone make a cupcake ornament and these are so cute!

    I highly doubt I could make them. Your instructions are a little sparse for me. I need pictures every step of the way. LOL :)

    Thanks for sharing. Food for thought here on Christmas decorations for next year!

    Bonnie recently posted: Merry Christmas with Snow

    1. Ya, sorry. I did take step by step photos on my other camera since I couldn't find my new camera during the project. I just didn't get around to uploading them. I'll try to add them to this post later this week so it might help. But I assure you they were super easy and once I got past the first one, they were quick, quick!! Worth the time. :)

  2. Um, awesome. My tree needs a cupcake for sure.