Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ground Bait

I know there is this phenomenon about bucket lists and having one.  I guess I have things I feel are in my bucket list, but I've never really sat down long enough or pondered its existance long enough to actually have a good solid list for the said bucket.  Maybe that's another blog post in the future.

Today I did something I never thought I would do in a million, kajillion years. It is something I wouldn't even consider putting in my bucket list.  Why you ask?  Because I hate running and don't have a care in the world to have bragging rights or to actually do it.  BUT,  today I signed up to run a 5K marathon in September.  What the what what???  I know right???? 

There's a twist though.  A brilliant, beautiful and innovative twist that had me at hello.  It's also an obstacle course!  And there are zombies chasing us!  And we have health flags.  And if we lose all the health flags we can still find health packs hidden in the terrain throughout the course.  And we get a medal whether we live or 'die'.  And my family is doing it with me!  And then there is an Apocalypse party after with 15 bands and food and beer tents and camping.  This is a 5K run I can get on board with.   

So we've signed up to participate from both sides.  We will be zombies (professionally made up and clothed by their trained and talented team) in the morning (stumbler zombies, let's not kid ourselves, I'm not running this course twice!), then we'll break for well... a break and lunch.  Then we'll run the course ourselves in the afternoon.  I'm hoping by being zombies first, we'll get to know the terrain and maybe scope out where the health packs are stashed for when I move too slowly and the zombies take all my health flags.  Then following the day of stumbling and running, we'll all hang out and drink beers, eat and watch bands, then camp out and head home in the a.m. 

My brother, Geoff, sister in law Anita, a couple of their friends, Eric, Gage and a couple of his friends will be joining me so I'm really truly looking forward to this adventure.  It is something I never thought I'd do or frankly never thought I'd want to do.  But now that I've signed up for it, I'm actually looking forward to having some bragging rights.  I'm excited, nervous and a little scared.  I'm just not sure if the nervousness and scaredness is because of the zombies or the actually running...

Check out the website and if you can find the opportunity you should join us!  We are taking over the world one brain at a time as the Ground Bait crew.  Put that name down as the group you want to eat brains with and you'll be paired up with us!  It's gonna be super fun and tasty.  What a great way to spend my birthday weekend this year!

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