Monday, June 4, 2012

Mushy and Complex

I learned at a seminar on the brain recently (besides how difficult it is to listen to a speaker with a speech impediment for 3 hours and stay focused) that the brain is divided into two halves.  Actually I knew that already.  It was also reiterated to me that the left half helps us deal with the organized aspects of our thoughts, the numbers, the letters, basically the OCD part of our lives and the right side is the artistic and playful side. 

What I wasn't aware of was that for 90 minute intervals one half of the brain is more dominant and in use while the other half 'rests'.  Since the brain is always working, even when we're sleeping, this is a way the body has adapted to allow it to have a break.  Which is why some times it's easy to focus on reports and tedious stuff but at other times I can't get my head around them or feign any interest in them at all.  Same goes for crafting. 

I also learned how you can tell which half of the brain is dominant at any given moment.  Take your right finger and plug your right nostril (on the OUTSIDE! Do not put your finger in your nose.).  Inhale through your nose.  Then do the same thing (after releasing your right nostril) to the left nostril.  You will notice that one side is stuffed up and the other side is clear for breathing.  **This trick won't work if you have a cold.  The side that is stuffed up is the side of the brain that is currently dominant.  Don't worry they switch up on average every 90 minutes.  So if you're having a hard time concentrating on a project perhaps it's because you're in the wrong half of your brain and you need to sit it out for the rest of the 90 minutes before tackling it again.  I wonder how far that theory will take you in the real world, but it sure explains why I want to blog because I have free time, but I really can't come up with anything to blog about.  Though now that I've just finished this one, I notice that my right brain has moved into the dominant position!  Figures.  It's weird too, because not 6 months ago did I just realize that one of my nostrils was always stuffed up and I was quite perturbed about that.  Now I understand.  And once I understand, my tolerance rises.

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