Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Missy Aggravation has an aggravating lack of motivation.

I'm not sure what's happening with me lately, but I'm feeling quite uninspired.  Uninspired to do pretty much anything.  I'm having a hard time getting anything accomplished.  I've got too much on my plate and I'm finding it more irritating than inspiring.  And when I say "I", I guess I mean Eric and I. 

I'm having a hard time wanting to clean my house...do crafts...finish what I started in the new den...get Gage's new bedroom started and built...sort out the pipe issue in the basement so I can start redoing the rec room...redo the rec room...and be diligent with getting my mother's pergola finished so this feeling of guilt will leave us.  Sigh. 
Even typing it out is daunting. 

All I'm feeling is pressure.  It's like when you're SO bored you don't want to do anything to break that boredom.  I'm trying to find a way to motivate myself (and Eric), but I feel so exhausted.  I feel like my days off aren't my days off.  We are trying to cram too much into a 2 day period  and no one is getting satisfied.

I don't even know how to wrap up this blog post!  Blah.


  1. Being overwhelmed is a horrible feeling. Have been there myself. I find making myself focus on one item on the list and nothing else until it is done helps to shrink the list gradually. Just prioritize and go from there (Mom's are a priority in my opinion being one myself) If there is something I can offer to help don't hesitate to ask. I babysit for Chris and Lisa, I could clean, do laundry, bake whatever you need. I even cut grass when it's not too hot out. Jill

  2. I'm bouncing out of it. I'm wondering if it was just the hot weather sucking the life out of me. The pergola is making huge progress so once that's off the plate, it's easy sailing for the other stuff since we can chip away at that slowly.