Friday, March 16, 2012

Two for Tea?

You might already be getting tired of reading about my crafting projects, but too bad.  So far I haven't lost interest in doing them.  Which is shocking because I tend to lose interest in things as quickly as I get interest in them.  Maybe this will be my final curtain call.  Though with garage sale season starting up soon, I highly doubt that.  And I'm pretty sure I already have a grasp on what my next project is going to be.  I merely got my inspiration from Pinterest, not the actual idea.  Whoa me!  I'm gaining insight here.  But back to the project at hand....

This time around, I made two teacup bird feeders, and assisted with two that Roan painted.  I've decided to keep the red/white/black one for my own front garden.  I know right?  How utterly selfish of me!  And I'm paying forward the blue/white/silver one to my sister in law, Anita to take up residence in her garden.   Roan already has the recipients in mind for his two feeders as well.  So today we shall venture out and pick up some bird seed so we can do up little baggies to accompany our gifts. 

We started with some pressure treated fence spindles (as they were cheaper than stair spindles) and thrift store teacups and matching saucers.  I have a feeling this project will be much cheaper come garage sale time, but for now each feeder cost me $5.00.  I can assure you no kitty was painted or glued in the making of this project.  He was merely there to supervise.

Having now finished this project I think I might choose a tapered spindle so it's easier to insert into the ground.  These ones are going to facilitate us actually digging a hole for them rather than just being able to spike them into the ground.  I saw another sample of one with copper piping.  That would be cool too as it would patina over time, whereas these ones are just likely to rot over time.  Oi vell, I digress.

I painted the posts with a base coat and then add some accent colours.  I thought about doing little stencils all over it, but frankly I'm not that crafty yet and I wasn't inclined to go out and buy stencils to fulfill this desire.  So simple is as simple does.  I then buffed the surfaces on the teacups and saucers that were going to be in contact with the glue itself and allowed them to cure over night.  Once my painted spindles and dried and the glue had cured I affixed the teacups to the top of the spindles and then allowed them to fix over night as well.  The majority of the time was spent waiting for glue to dry.  It's about as exciting as watching paint dry too.  Take my word for it.  Thank god, for Pinterest and Netflix to keep me occupied during this lull. 

Voila!  The finished project.  Easy peasy!


  1. and I love mine!! Thanks Holly and Roan!! :)

  2. My first thought was I would make some for my garden but then I remembered I have outdoor cats and I'm not sure that it fair to the birds, however that being said, I love the idea and there are a lot of birds around here........

    Great job!

    Aunt Laurie