Friday, March 30, 2012

Planks. My Worst Nightmare.

Yesterday's Body Sculpt class at the YMCA was brutal with a capital B (it would probably have had more affect had I actually typed a capital B).  Out of all the times I've taken a class at the Y, this one has to stand out as the hardest to date.  I was feeling quite good about myself when I finished it but today I'm in exorborant amounts of pain.  I think if I paid myself a buck for every time I moved today and subconsciously said "ouch" I could take my entire family for dinner.  At a really decent restaurant.

When I finished putting my equipment away after the class I noticed Gage was waiting for me outside the gym.  As we were walking out of the building I was complaining how tough that workout was.  At which point he mockingly replied, 'What's the matter, you can't handle your 2 1/2 lbs weights and your yoga mat?", in a baby voice.  (I'll have you note, I used 8 lbs weights and 5 lbs weights, NOT 2 1/2 lbs weights.)  Today when I got home from work and mentioned to him how much my body was hurting he again made fun of my female class.  I told him I was going to make him take just one class with me so he could understand how tough they actually are and his reply?  Wait for it...

"I need to gain muscle, not a vagina." 

No laughing, no smile, just pure fact. I've raised myself a full-fledged dick.  And, if I could actually raise my leg without it hurting so much, I'd kick him right in the ass.

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