Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I Love Me a Great Idea!

I came across a seemingly swell idea on Pinterest a couple of weeks ago and today while I was grocery shopping I thought about it and purchased the supplies I'd need to attempt this project. 

I have made an everlasting dryer sheet.  I took a good 5 minutes and sniffed all the fabric softners in the aisle, though I don't know why because I just settled on the Gain fabric softener anyway.  And that doesn't surprise me because I love, love, love the smell of original Gain.   Anywho, off track... I then poured almost the whole bottle into a large bowl and soaked an old terrycloth hand towel in it.  Once it was completely penetrated I wrung it out and hung it outside on my railing to allow it to thoroughly dry.  Then, my dear readers and friends, I THREW it in the drier.  Yup, just like that!  Tossed that puppy in with my wet clothes.  I showed it, didn't I?  I know, rather daring on my behalf.

So according to the website, the softener sheet should be good for at least 40 loads of laundry.  Which is so crazy helpful in stretching out softener use and lessening waste (I figure Eric will like that part).  I ended up taking all the fabric softener out of the bowl and pouring it back into the container and voila, almost the entire container is full.  This is going to save me muchos moolah.  I'll be able to repeat this craft every two laundry soap purchases (average), and I won't have to buy dryer sheets anymore. 

So far, my hands smell fantastic, my laundry room smells lovely and my clothes are static free and Gain scented!  Win-win-win!  The whole thing cost me an ugly hand towel that I no longer used but cost me nothing and a $5.00 bottle of fabric softner and if this all proves to be true, that five bucks is going to last me the rest of the god forsaken year!

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