Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Obesity Epidemic? I Don't Know Why!

Are you kidding me?  Who thinks that it's a good idea to make this stuff?  And frankly where do people find this? 

My sister apparently got 4 of these things over the Christmas holidays.  I think she bought one and had three given to her as a gift.  Though maybe she meant she had four individual peanut butter cups.  Who knows, either way it's gross. 

I'm not so sure it was a great idea on Eric's part to split it with Roan and to challenge each other to actually finish their half, about thirty minutes before dinner.  But it was mildly entertaining to watch them try to eat it and each of them tap out early.  Eric says it's because I said he smelled yucky, but I think he just couldn't handle the half pound of power.  Roan pretended he was concerned about being able to finish his dinner.  Ya right! 

I think Eric's planning on saving the second one for his buddy Shawn.  Aside from ketchup, turns out peanut butter is his favourite thing.  And it was just his birthday... But if Shawn doesn't show his face here soon, I suspect it will succumb to Eric's cravings after smoking a big, fat blunt. 

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