Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mexican Update - More to follow...

Ah, Mexico! It's funny...not two months ago this was the place I was refusing to visit.  Too many news casts on murdered Canadians at resorts might have played a small role in that.  But I was talked into it by my friend and travel agent and now I'm so grateful.

The beaches are so breathtaking...white sand.  Soft and smooshy and clean.  Not like our grey sand and rocky beaches with a bunch of dead fish and kelp and garbage.  And the water...I've not ever seen anything like it.  The colour of tourquoise.  Not even shitting you.  I wondered if all the pictures in the magazines are photoshopped, but they're not.  Those are the actual colours of the waters. 

The weather has been wonderful.  To the natives, this weather is 'cold'.  It's been, on average, 83 degrees, or 27, whatever works for you.  To us, it's heaven.  Even when it was raining it was still so warm and lovely.  Each morning we get up and retreat to our balcony and watch the skies.  Blue, with bulbous clouds and the sun starting to peak out from behind them.  By 8 a.m. we can feel the heat.  It would be so nice to have a winter home here one day. 

The people at the resort have given me, most likely, the best customer service I have ever experienced.  This is by far their expertise.  I know that as Canadians we are excellent tippers in their eyes (it's hard to break habits),  but in my opinion, even though I know the tips are included, they deserve the extra $ and it doesn't bother me in the least to give it to them.  The tips also help with ensuring my cup is never empty.  And I've been introduced to so many wonderful frozen concoctions.  YUM!!  I feel like we made some friends here (I know it's there job and it gets them tips, but that's how well they do it!)

The better than I ever would have expected.   The ala carte restaurants are delicious.  I've eaten steak pretty much every night and it cuts like butter.  Dinner rolls with hidden treasures of cream cheese inside them was like unwrapping a Christmas gift you weren't expecting.  A pleasant surprise.  Of couse the mexican fare has been to die for (not a reference to the influx of dead Canadians abroad, I promise). 

I can't imagine coming back to Mexico and not staying at the Gran Portol Real in Playa del Carmen.  The location couldn't be any better and the staff are the best!  If you are ever thinking of planning a trip down this way, this is the place to be.  I have EVERY intention of making my way back here with Eric and the boys in tow.

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