Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Take a Jerk to Work Day

Just before I went to Mexico it was "Take Your Kid to Work Day" for Gage's school.  I have to admit I have been secretly looking forward to this day for about two years now.  Never really sure what grade they did it in, but knowing it was coming up.  It never crossed my mind that he might want to go to work with his dad instead of me, so the poor kid had no option. 

I guess I love my job and I love my kid and I secretly hoped once he spent a day with me, he'd understand how important my role can be in someone's life.  And maybe that would make him respect me.  Like as a human being and not "the person who gave birth to him so it goes without saying that he is supposed to respect me".   I'm pretty sure my goal was not achieved.  Though I'm not entirely sure because he barely talks of anything of importance like that.  I do, however,  know the really important stuff like what the next pair of shoes are he wants and that I am supposed to be saving 10 thousand dollars to give to him on his 16th birthday so he can put it towards his car.  You know the real important stuff that lets me know he loves me almost half as much as I love him.

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