Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Little Boy is Excited for Christmas

Came home from work, exhausted, the other day to find Roan excitedly waiting for me so he could show me something in the living room. 

Lo and behold I found out the 50 pound kid dragged the artificial tree up from the basement all by his little old self.  And once he got it upstairs he managed to get it put together and standing in the corner of the living room. 

While stringing it with lights and decorating it was the last thing I wanted to do on Wednesday night, I felt after all that hard work and clear determination to get that tree upstairs I couldn't break his spirit by not following through on my end.  So I frustratingly strung the lights then let him at it.  He decorated the entire tree himself.  And then he put all the excess lights and decorations he didn't use (the back of the tree is completely bare) back in the basement.  I didn't do anything to that tree but hate life momentarily while I strung the lights.  This tree is his masterpiece entirely.  Pretty much makes me love our tree this year. 

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