Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Soundtracks of Our Lives

I was browsing through my past notes on Facebook and thought it might be a good idea to copy some of those (or even just parts of them) onto my blog so I have them in the future to re-read.  I can't guarantee they'll be on Facebook or even if I will be for the long haul (who am I kidding, I'm so nosy I can't see myself leaving any time soon).  So some of you, dear readers, may get a feeling of deja-vu. 

The reason I posted the following was because of a conversation I had with a couple about 'their song' (I can't even remember what couple it was!).  It got me thinking...

Obviously, as we go through life, situations come up and other people are involved. It's funny how often a song brings memories of a person to the forefront. Like as soon as I hear a particular song the image of a person pops in my head. I’m not sure why it is, or in many circumstances why I think of that person during that song, but it happens EVERY time I hear it. There are some people that pop up with numerous songs by different artists and that’s probably because I’ve known them a lot longer or spend more time with them. More memories are created with them. So I guess that makes sense. And in some cases people pop into my mind at the mere mention of one particular artist or band. I’m not sure if they think of me when they hear the song themselves (probably not) but, if they did that would make it even cooler.  I figure, though, there are songs out there that make people think of me when they hear them too. That's a nice thought.  I like thinking it. 

I'm pretty sure if you shouted out a friend's name I could immediately respond with a song or artist that I associate with said person.  One day I'll make a playlist of my life using just my friends.  I bet it would be pretty eclectic.  Just like the people in my life.

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