Sunday, February 26, 2012

Theme Parties Rock!

Theme parties are a lot of fun!  Part of the fun is the shopping experience before hand when out looking for just the right outfit, and part of the fun is that we're now at a point in our lives where we aren't embarrassed to make fun of ourselves.  Had this opportunity presented itself 20 years ago I'd have been too cool to bother.  (Though secretly I'd have wished for the nerve to pull it off.)

Last night a group of us headed out to an old friend/aquaintance's stag and doe.  It was 80's themed.  When I got married a decade ago (yeesh!) we did the 80's theme as well and I remember having lots of fun with it then.    Last night didn't disappoint.  It was a good night with tons of laughter, reunions with people I haven't seen in a long time, hang outs with people I wish I saw more, drinks a plenty and winning prizes! 

The best part was seeing everyone's outfits and the sea of neon colours.  There was so much polyester in that building, it should have been deemed a fire hazard.  I found my sweet dress at Value Village for $8.  It came complete with shoulder pads and a slew of stains.  I, embarrassingly, had the body stocking at home.  The shoes were also a Value Village score for $5 and the enamel earrings (which so reminded me of my mom) cost me $2.  I already had the crimping iron from Anita's summertime "white trash party" and I'm so glad I didn't do my usual Holly move and toss it in the garbage after using it (figuring I'd never have reason to use it again).

So here's a few pictures of the night.  If you want to see more you can check them out on my facebook page.  I'm so grateful for good times and good memories.  I really wish I had more desire to host a party like this of my own. I just can't be bothered.  So good luck to Mikey and Germaine on their upcoming nuptuals and thanks for the fun party last night. 

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