Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Kitty to Love

A couple of years ago, Eric and I adopted a kitty from the Humane Society.  A calico, Eric's favourite.  We named her Tabouleh, like the salad, because she was all multi coloured and mixed up.  She was quite skittish at first and hid out in our bedroom for a good couple of weeks before deciding torturing her and killing her weren't in our plans.  After some time she definately got comfortable in her surroundings. She took an immediate liking to Oliver, though her and Nika never really became 'friends'. 

After about a year living in our house, we spontaneously adopted the most adorable and personable black cat, Shakespeare, and welcomed him to our fold.  They seemed to like each other.  Maybe it was the familiar smell of the Humane Society that made them kindred spirits, who knows.  They slept together in sunbeams, they played together, they ate together - a happy little duo these two made.  Until about 6 months ago.  Six months ago, everything changed for this couple. 

During a round of rough housing, the cats knocked over a metal object and it came crashing down off the table and made a terribly loud noise, clearly scaring the crap out of both cats, who immediately went running for their lives.  But not before turning on each other and trying to maime and kill one another.  Since that day, they cannot be alone together or in close proximatey of each other without a full on battle ensuing.  I'm talking fur in claws, scratchs, blood, etc.  He can't go near her without her hissing and snarling, she can't go near him without him goading her and stalking her.  He torments the piss out of her.  And this always ends in a physical altercation.

So we've tried everything we can to make them like each other again.  We've segregated them for lengthy times, we've integrated them for lengthy times, we've forced them, in a supervised capacity, to spend time together, we've purchased and installed hormone diffusers, and we've taken them to the vet and introduced medication in hopes of calming them.  To no avail.  They simply cannot live together in harmony any longer.  Sadly the other cats are cluing in as to who the weaker link is in this terrible equation as well and Tabouleh is starting to act out.  Unfortunately, it looks like we have to find another home for the Tubster. 

So my point in writing this little blog is to ask any of you, my dear readers, if you know of anyone who is looking for a cat who does not currently have one or if they want two cats, who is willing to get a kitten after integrating Tabouleh into their household.  I believe she will be fine with another cat, provided she is the dominant kitty.  I do think though that the best situation for our girl is a home where she is the only cat and can roam freely without the fear of having the snot kicked out of her.

She is spayed, and very well tempered, though a little skittish.  A 'fraidy cat if you will.  We think she's around 3 years old.  She is litter trained and an indoor cat.  She's very independant and will come to you on her own looking for pets and affection.  She loves to eat!  Dry food mainly but enjoys a snack of canned food every other day or so.  She loves catnip and playing with her toys.  We don't want any money for her, we just want her to go to a home where she won't be scared and someone will love her.  We are willing to supply the litter box, she's up to date on her vaccinations and we will send her toys that she loves the most with her to help in her transition.  Please ask around.  We really don't want to have to take her to the Humane Society again.  We just want her to have a happy life. 

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