Sunday, February 26, 2012

Saturday Road Trip

I heard on the radio earlier this month that the Canadian Auto Show would have a Bugatti Veyron this year, so I mentioned it to Roan.  It's his favourite car and since it's completely out of my price range, the odds of him actually seeing it in the chrome were pretty slim.  Taking this as probably the only opportunity he'd have he suggested we go and take Eric's dad, Larry with us as a birthday present to him because he loves cars so much.  So that's just what we did last weekend. 

We braved the ridiculous first day crowds and went to look at sleek and expensive cars.  The only part that was even remotely entertaining for me was the very first room we hit and that was the really awesome, expensive shit.  The rest of the show was meh.  It was hot, crowded, boring (if you don't give a rats ass about cars) and required a lot of walking.  Not sure that I'll ever feel the need to do another car show like this again.  One time is more than enough for this girl.

After the show we stopped in Burlington for a birthday dinner with Larry and Jill at Tucker's Market Place.  I haven't been there in probably two decades, and I really enjoyed it.  The food was decent quality for a buffet, but a tad pricey.  And even this place got crowded and busier the longer we were there so we still had to fight the swarms of people.  It was a long day but it gave us something to do and we spent the day with Eric's parents.

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